The Cosmopolitan

Tipsy Tuesdays. Dalisa and I recently started Tipsy Tuesdays so that we could invite freinds over for cocktails and share some of the fun while we film DrinksByRobert.   Enjoy the video and watch the end and you’ll see that Dalisa and I don’t live in a traditional place, nor are our cocktail parties all that normal.

Back to the Cosmo. Well, being the dutiful husband that I am, I did watch the new Sex in the City movie with my wife.  And all I can say is those damn women stopped drinking the Cosmos’ because of some superficial reason just before we filmed this (what timing).  Well, if they had tried Robert’s version then I’m sure they would still be drinking them, and if you have a few of them yourself you won’t think the movie sucked too much.   So there you go…. drinking Robert’s cosmos’ will make movies suck less.

3/4 oz lime juice
2 oz kettle one citroen
1 oz cointreau
splash of cranberry juice

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